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Bear Mountain Ranch
Release of Liability --Acknowledgement & Acceptance of Dangers, Risks & Hazards


By signing this agreement, I hereby release and forever discharge Virginia Commercial Properties, Bear Mountain Ranch (BMR), Charles McCollum, Byron McCollum, (hereinafter collectively “BMR”) and their landowner/lease manager, agents, servants, workers, directors and/or officers from any and all damage(s), loss(es), claim(s) and cause(s) of action whatsoever, arising out of or in any way connected with my participation with BMR, I further understand and acknowledge that BMR assumes no responsibility for any act and/or omission which may cause any damage to any person, including me, or an animal resulting from or in any way connected with the event, including traveling to or from, or while participating in any/all BMR events or activities.

This document is sufficient warning that dangerous conditions, risks, and hazards do exist. My presence and activities on BMR expose both me and my property to dangerous conditions, risks and hazards, including but not limited to: poisonous snakes, insects and spiders, blinds and tree stands, whether or not erected by BMR; erosion and general condition of the land, both on and off roadways or senderos, creating rough, hazardous and dangerous driving and walking conditions; animals both wild and domestic that may be diseased and/or potentially dangerous; deep water, a person with firearms both on or off BMR and the use of vehicles or recreational vehicles, including ATVs and boats. I hereby state that I expressly assume all such dangers, risks and hazards.

In consideration for the right to enter BMR, I hereby release and agree to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless BMR and their/his/her respective agents, employees and assign from and against any and all claims, demands, causes of action and damages, by or on behalf of the undersigned, including attorneys’ fees, resulting from any accident, incident or occurrence arising out of incidental to or in any way to all improvement thereon, whether or not caused by the Owner’s/Lessor’s negligence or gross negligence. This release applies during the time that I am on the owned/leased premises. I hereby further covenant and agree that I, my heirs, successors and assign will not make any claim or institute any suit or action at law or in equity against the Owner/Lessor or his/her respective heirs, agents, representatives, employees, successors or assign by reason of conditions of BMR or activities occurring thereon. The Undersigned agrees that in the event that any dispute procedure is files or initiated in order to enforce or interpret this Agreement or by the Undersigned against the Releasers, venue shall lie in Latimer County, Oklahoma, and the Undersigned expressly waives any rights, which his/her might have for venue to lie elsewhere.

This release covers all damages whether or not contemplated at the present time, and includes results undeveloped and unknown at the present time, as well as those not known. As used in this release, the term I, my, person and myself, include dogs, minor, and dependents in my care while on BMR. I will have all minors, and dependents that I am responsible for with me at all times. The Undersigned and his/her party hereby approve the use of photos taken while on BMR to be placed on BMR’s website or other promotional materials. Any photos, videos, or any types of media/materials taken from BMR will not and cannot be used to the detriment of BMR.


The following elements are important to understand per our BMR pricing: 1)

Everyone is subject to the base fee, 2) Fee may be paid several ways, 3) Any animal wounded/injured will be charged a full Harvest Fee, 4) Appropriate taxes will be added to all invoices.

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